Activities - Suez Canal visit 2014

Suez Canal visit 2014

Project Description

Suez Canal Attitude (Ismailia)



Number of members attended: 28 members
The visit started by going to Suez Canal Attitude where MR.Khaled Mahmoud welcomed the members then the members went to the conference hall where MR.Khaled viewed a video about Suez Canal.
The first part showed the importance of Suez Canal as it became a mainstay in the system of international trade, the balancing force to the global recovery and recession became Egypt most important vital objectives and the greatest civilizational achievement in the modern era.
The idea of establishing a canal that connect the Red sea to Mediterranean Sea goes back to the era of the Egyptian pharaoh sunesert the 3rd and over the course of 26 centuries this canal was re-dug 6 times.
Nearly 100 million Egyptian participated in the digging of the Suez Canal, an operation that lasted for 10 years during which more than 100,000 Egyptians lost their lives.
The canal was inaugurated for the international navigation on 17-11-1869
In 1882 Egypt fell under the British occupation and lost control on the canal and its revenue then it was nationalized on 1956 by the president Gamal Abdel Nasser
In 1956 Israel launched its brutal aggression on Egypt so the navigation through Suez Canal stopped for 8 years but the canal was re-inaugurated for international navigation on 1975 by the president Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat.
With the worlds technological advances the ship sizes and the volume of cargo was developed so the Suez Canal authority began the development process of the waterway by increasing the crossing ships drafts from 38 feet to 53 feet, last president Anwar Al-Sadat opened this important development phase on 16-12-1980 thus the canal became capable of receiving 62% of the global oil tankers fleet, 94% of the bulk carriers fleet and 100% of the global containers fleet as well as the rest of all kind of ships.
After the end of the video that showed the importance of Suez canal and the history of its construction MR.Khaled viewed a presentation that shows the development project in Suez canal area and this project will support Egypt economy, will provide job opportunities for youth in all provinces and in all specialties and also will create entities and new communities in this region.
The other part of the presentation was about another project with is the digging of the new Suez canal and the objectives of this project is developing and advancing the national economy of Egypt by using its good location which will turn Egypt to an economical and logistic international center that affect international trade also this project will encourage national and foreign capitals and will attract many investments.
Also the presentation showed some of the proposed activities and industries included in this project like auto assembly industry, electronics industry and petroleum refining industry.
After the end of the presentation the members went to the location of the digging of the new canal and on the way the members watched the Egyptian lands that was occupied and the “defreswar loophole”
Upon the arrival to the location the members were viewed large screen polyphonic map that shows the new canal and also the members inspected the workers involved in the project
And the visit ended at 6 p.m