Activities - Smart village & mass food factory visit

Smart village & mass food factory visit

Project Description

smart village and mass food factory



Numbers of members attended: 45 members
First Mass Food factory visit:
The visit started with an introduction to the factory as it was founded on 1996 and it was developed through years and on 2011 they founded a marketing company for the factory called “Mass Trade”
The main purpose of the company is to produce high quality products that can compete internationally after invading entire Africa
The factory representative introduced some values that the company seeks like responsibility, integration, patience, tolerance and simplicity
Then he introduces some of quality certificates that the factory gained like:
GMO Free, ISO 22000, FDA registration, ISO 9001, Halal License, Kosher
Then the members where introduced to some of the manufactured products and the viewing how they are manufactured like: cereal bar, nutrifit , kicker , tonger , ricco cookies and choco pillow
Finally the representitave some of the labor practice like:
Sportive and social day
Labor surveys
Hajj and umrah visits
Second the smart village visit:
The visit started by visiting culture heritage center that was under the ministry of communications then it moved on 2002 to library of Alexandria
The main purpose of the center is to protect the culture heritage by spreading information, publishing books and organizing events and lectures
Then panorama show began by representing the history of Egypt from 3000 years B.C until presently
First pharonic period
Second Islamic and Coptic period
And finally modern times
And the show included the main events and characters in each period
Afer the end of the show the members made a tour in smart village to identify the companies and building inside the place then they took lunch in “smart club”