Activities - Aquaculture development in Egypt


Aquaculture development in Egypt

Project Description

6th floor at the world trade tower inside JICA’s headquarters


Tuesday 3rd July 2018 (from 4:00 till 6:00 p.m.)

Number of attendees: 34 Participants
– JICA Alumni Association held a seminar about “Aquaculture development in Egypt” by Ex Participant “Engineer/ Ahmed Abdo” (Member of JICA Alumni Association, Fish production specialist in the General Authority and Secretary of Fish and its Products Committee, Egyptian General Organization for Standardization and Quality).
– He holds a diploma of food safety and quality and diploma in food and dairy quality control.
– The seminar started at 4:00 p.m.
– The speaker began the lecture by introducing himself and explaining the title of the lecture.
– Then, The lecturer spoke briefly about Egypt’s Fisheries and fish resources.
– He talked about aquatic organisms, and a very brief description of them and of water objects and bodies.
– The lecturer explained the distinction of some terms, fish and some methods of cheating on fish consumers.
-Also he explained the importance of consumption of local fish items in exchange for those imported. And focusing on some economic, important and useful fish types for the food and health.
– The lecturer also included a description of some of the statistics of fish wealth in Egypt with a focus on some of them, and described how to collect data.
– “Eng. Ahmed Abdo” explained the reasons for the deterioration of the catch in Egypt and the decline in the production of fish from fish farming.
– Then the lecturer explained on the PowerPoint supported with pictures, the ways of fishing, name and behavior of fish and how to get them.
– He presented the maps showing Egypt’s local and international position in the area of fisheries with explaining the reasons for the decline in natural catch in Egypt.
– He also explained the ways and behavior of hunting fish.
– At the end, the lecturer thanked the attendees, the board members and JICA Representatives for giving him the opportunity to give the lecture.
-The lecture ended at 6 p.m.