Activities - Industrial Growth and Environmental Sustainability


Industrial Growth and Environmental Sustainability

Project Description

6th floor at the world trade tower inside JICA’s headquarters


Saturday 10th March 2018 (from 9:30 a.m. till 3:20 p.m.)

Number of attendees: 27 members
JICA Alumni Association held a seminar about Industrial Growth and Environmental Sustainability by by 4 speakers (2 From J.A.A. and 2 outside J.A.A.):
– The seminar started at 9:30 a.m. by Registration, tea and morning coffee.
– From 10:20 p.m. 10:40 a.m. Speeches of (Director of the Seminar ”Eng. Medhat Fahmy” -the Scientific Committee “Dr. Amr El Baz”-Chairman of the Board members “Mr. Maher Waked” ) as the board members welcomed and thanked the Participants
– Then the lectures began as following:
1- The first lecture was by Dr/ Manal Tantawy
“Undersecretary for industrial environment improvement and energy efficiency” and one of the board members of J.A.A.
– Lecture entitled: “The role of the state in preventing industrial pollution”
– Dr. Manal’s lecture was divided into two parts:
The first part of the lecture she talked about:
1- Pollution and its effects (Air pollution – water pollution – soil pollution – audio pollution).
2. The Role of the State in Pollution Prevention (Legislative Role – Supervisory Role)
While she pointed in the second part of the lecture about:
1 – JICA’s contribution in pollution prevention.
2- Japan role in helping Egypt to overcome the alternative energy crisis.
– Then lecture was ended by answering the audience’s questions.
2- The second lecture was By Professor / Nabila Maziad
“Professor of radiation chemistry, polymer chemistry department, National Center Of Radiation Research And Technology (NCRRT), Atomic Energy Authority Egypt (AEAE)”
– Lecture entitled: “Environmental Problems and Exploring improved Techniques for possible solving”
– Dr. Nabila introduced the topic of the lecture with research studies as following:
-Environmental Pollution.
-Sources of land Pollution.
-The environmental problems.
– Air pollution.
-Major Air Pollutants.
-Sources of Air Pollution.
-Control of Air Pollution.
-Industrial Pollution.
1-Bypass problems and solving.
2-Appliction of bypass as fertilizers.
-Elimination of chloride.
3-Appliction of bypass as Production of ricks.
-Production of bricks.
-Mercury (Hg) is the problem found with cement industry.
-An overview of the future of industrial growth.
-The Water pollution.
-Distribution of Pollution-Related Complaints Received at the Ministry of Environment in 2014.
– Major Water Pollutants.
– Laboratory Test to determine water quality.
-Land Pollution.
– Sources of land Pollution.
– Then there was a discussion at the end of the lecture.
3-The third lecture was by Dr. Atef Hikel
“Chinese Acupuncturist Consultant” -“Representative of Civil society and the private sector/ freelancer”
– Lecture entitled : “Clean environment and therapeutic tourism”
– The topic of the lecture is Medical tourism is the most important economic resource for a country like Egypt because of presence all the elements of therapeutic tourism.
-The treatment of Japanese medicine and acupuncture is more effective than medicine treatment on the general health, as Japanese medicine depend on the material and energy instead of the substance only as is found in Western medicine.
– Dr. Atef covered the following topics in his lecture:
– What is energy circulation?
– From where the blood circulation starts
-What are energy deficiency diseases?
– What is health from Japanese and Chinese point of view?
– What is diseases?
-What are the causes of diseases in eastern medicine?
– What is energy and energy circulation in eastern medicine
-Oberon system nonlinear system.
-Then lecture was ended by a discussion.
– After that the Coffee Break was presented For the attendance
4- The Forth lecture was by Eng. Adel Mahrous (J.A.A. member)
“Advisor Engineer, Former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry”
Lecture entitled:“The electric car is in the service of industry and energy”
– Eng. Adel discussed the idea of the electric car is in the service of industry and energy in his lecture through the following points:
-Technological revolution in the development of electric cars.
– Reasons for the importance of the electric car.
-Challenges of batteries in electric car.
-Technological development in energy storage and its role in the spread of electric cars.
-Egyptian electric car project.
-The cost of converting a used internal combustion car to an electric car.
-Future of electric cars.
– Then lecture was ended by a discussion and answering the audience’s questions.
– At the end of the seminar, The Board members thanked the Participants and thanked JICA`s support
-The seminar ended at 3:20 p.m.