Activities - Social gathering

Social gathering

Project Description

at the Police Federation Club


26 March 2010

JICA Alumni organized its social gathering and assembly meeting for this year at the Police Federation Club
– Alumni’s members and their families gathered around the swimming pooi from 10:00 AM.
– The gathering was attended by Three Hundred persons including JICA Alumni’s members, their families and Japanese volunteers.
– The board of directors invited 10 orphans from Dar Elhana NGO to spend the gathering with the JICA Alumni’s members.
– All attendees enjoyed their time with playing, swimming and using the club facilities till lunch.
– After lunch Alumni board of directors prepared the conference room to be ready for Alumni’s Assembly Meeting and board of directors’ election.
– The General Assembly Meeting of JICA Alumni
for year 2009 was attended by 46 members who registered their names to be handed out later to Ministry of Social Solidarity.
– The board of directors represented JICA Alumni’s activities in 2009, and explained the financial situation of the JICA Alumni. The balance sheet was including the receipts & payments,
revenues & expenses.
– The observers of the election announced that only 46 members had the right in voting. The rest of the 69 members some of them left before the meeting and the others hadn’t right to vote as they were a new members in the Alumni.
The observers let the 7 candidates introduce them selves to Alumni’s members.
The observers explained to the 48 members that they must choose only 3 names from the sheet. In case of choosing more or less than 3 names the vote sheet will be cancelled.
– The Observers announced the 3 names of the candidates who will be in the board of director members according to their votes.
1. Eng. Tarek Mohamed Abaza (36 votes)
2. Dr. Manal Abdel Hakeem (34 votes)
3. Eng. Reda Mohamed Mostafa (33 votes)
Alumni’s members congratulate the new board members hoping to see more activities during their assignment.