Activities - Ramadan Iftar

Ramadan Iftar

Project Description

the Navy Club which related to the Forced Army.


29th August 2009

Gathering of families and friends during the month of Ramadan is one of the main characteristics of Egyptian culture. The JICA Alumni organized its yearly celebration with its members of the holy Ramadan by having Iftar together. It was held this year in the Navy Club which related to the Forced Army. Three Hundred persons attended the Iftar including JICA Alumni’s members, their families and Japanese volunteers. The attendees were very satisfied with the company, quality of food, and it was an opportunity for the members to exchange their experiences and their impressions. JICA Alumni’s members had the chance to meet Mr. flcuro Nobuhiro, Chief Reprehensive of JICA and thanked him for JICA’s support for Alumni’s activities.
Eng. Mostafa Roshdy, Chairman announced that he resigning his position as a Chairman of JICA
Alumni because he would go abroad. The board of directors chose Eng. Mohamed Magdy, Treasurer to be tentatively the Chairman of the JICA Alumni until the next election of the board of directors next March.