Activities - Extension work & effective communication

Extension work & effective communication

Project Description

Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Research Institute



The Instructor: Dr Heba Essam from Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Research Institute
Title of the Lecture:Extension work& Effective communication.
Number of Participants: 24 members
The Lecture tackled the following major items:
The concept of agricultural extension
It combines the modern science of agriculture, education, extension, and through which the transfer of agricultural innovations for the rural and help them take advantage of them for the advancement of agricultural production in quantity and quality.
Concept of communication
Is the process whereby two or more persons exchange ideas and facts, feelings and impressions in a way that enables all of them to have a common understanding of the meaning and content of the message
The process of communication involves five elements: Source, receptor, the message, and the channel of communication, and feedback.
The concept of persuasive communication
Is the process by which the source wants to get the desired response from the receptor, consistent with the objectives of the communication.
Furthermore, the Lecture tackled the following items.
* Effective persuasive message
*Methods of communication
*Approaches of extension
*The concept of participation
*Practical training: Analysis of the problem (tree problems)