Activities - Climate Change and Carbon Footprint Seminar

Climate Change and Carbon Footprint Seminar

Project Description

place: 6th floor at the world trade tower inside JICA’s headquarters


Wednesday 6th December 2017 (from 4:00 till 6:00 p.m.)

Number of attendees: 18 members
JICA Alumni Association held a seminar about Climate Change and Carbon Footprint by Dr/ Wafaa Esmail “Expert in Energy Field”.
The seminar started at 04:00 p.m., Dr. Wafaa talked about the climate change, energy and global warming, the Lecturer explained what is carbon footprint to the attendees and its current situation inside Egypt.
She explained the impact of Carbon Footprint on the Environment, she pointed the relation between Carbon Footprint and the economic losses.
Also, she discussed the calculation of the carbon footprint and its benefits.The Lecturer declared about the international carbon footprint agreements and the countries that participated in it and introduced the companies and factories that reduced their carbon footprint as Sony in Japan and presented relevant case studies.
Some attendees asked the lecturer some questions such as what the ways to reduce carbon footprint are and how to activate and apply them in Egypt, and how the normal person can calculate his carbon footprint.
At the end , Dr. Wafaa thanked the member and thank JICA`s support
The seminar ended at 6:00 p.m.