Activities - Cairo Urban Toll Express Ways

Cairo Urban Toll Express Ways

Project Description



27th October 2009

“Transport in Cairo” is one of the chronic problems that faces decision maker in the government in Egypt. The continuous increase of population in Cairo puts growing pressure on the infrastructure systems including transport net works. In this regards, JICA Alumni found that it’s important to represent JICA effort in developing transport sector in Great Cairo.
The seminar was attended by 39 Alumni members
from different organizations.
The seminar was lectured by Dr. Ahmed Al Hakeem, Expert in engineering and consultant for JICA in the field of roads and bridges engineering.
Al Hakeem said that JICA started to conduct the
feasibility study concerning the Metro Line 4 in the
Greater Cairo and suggestion of constructing new urban communities through new expressway in Alnasr road to be connected with Suez road, 6th of October bridge and 15th May bridge.
Al Hakeem said that expressway net work will be operated by toll system as fees will be collected through beneficiaries.
Al Hakeem asserted that partnership between private and public sectorsis very useful to be applied in the other similar public services in the urban highways to reduce the burden of the government. He also recommended that it’s important to establish a separated authority for expressways to be like other authorities in the Ministry of Transportation in order to be responsible for supervising, implementation and follow up.

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