Activities - Al Fayoum Visit

Al Fayoum Visit

Project Description

Wadi Elrayan



Place:”Wadi Elrayan” natural reserve located in “Elfayoum” which is considered one of the most important reserves in Egypt
The visit included the following places:
1-“Elmodoara” mountain which is located near lower lake and considered one of the most important international environmental locations that attract environmental tourism amateurs
2-Falls area that connects:
Upper lake: 12725 feddans – 22:5 meters depth
Lower lake 12500 feddans – 34:25 meters depth
Both was formed when “Wadi elrayan” was flooded with water
Falls area connect two lakes the distance between them 20 meters and this area is characterized by the intensity of fish and natural scenes also its considered an area for marine sports, horses riding and lots of touristic and entertaining activities
3- Sandy dunes areas to identify its kinds and enjoy sand boarding sports
4- Visitors center where the guardians of the natural reserve that work in environmental affairs agency headed by council of ministers welcomed the members of the visit and they explained the nature of the reserve and its history and its formation, also they showed a video for the important places there like “Elhytan” valley and its historical importance that made the UNISCO consider it international heritage museum
Also the members had a tour in the entire center and they were introduced to the important fossils there and the great skeletons of whales that was there in the location
5-“Haroon” pond reserve where the members enjoyed its beauty and also they had their lunch there

This visit led to its purpose of identifying the human can enjoy nature and protect it without destroying it or draining its resources and that we can live with other unique creatures without harming them